Wednesday, April 30, 2014

National Sunday Law

National Sunday Law

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A National Sunday Law is being agitated in the media by both religious and secular interest groups. The churches are promoting the idea that this will bring in God’s blessing. The labor unions are saying that Sunday will save our financial and industrial structures. The world is trying to institute Sunday as the means to save us from completely deteriorating. This is going to be the battle that God’s people will have to engage.

“Seventh-day Adventists will fight the battle over the seventh-day Sabbath. The authorities in the United States and in other countries will rise up in their pride and power and make laws to restrict religious liberty.” Last Day Events, p. 144.

What people don’t realize is that instead of saving society this National Sunday Law will actually create the greatest crisis this world has ever seen and will result in the enforcement of the mark of the beast. Sunday legislation will continue to be pushed. Labor Unions will continue fighting to secure Sunday as the day of rest. The churches will continue pressuring legislators to impose newer Sunday restrictions. These scenes are being played out all over Europe. Slowly they are coming to America.

The world is changing rapidly before our eyes and we must respond with wide-spread evangelism. The Three Angels’ Message is the only solution for the crisis that we are facing. May we take anew this challenge and work for our Lord while we still can. Soon a National Sunday Law will be enforced and all of our religious freedoms will be taken away.

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