Monday, April 14, 2014

Unions working to stop Sunday Sales

Teamsters pressure could block Sunday growler sales

Minneapolis Business Journal | April 14, 2014

A compromise bill that would allow taprooms and microbreweries to sell growlers of beer — a "baby step" approach to the more-controversial issue of allowing liquor stores to open on Sundays — is threatened, with the Teamsters Union pushing against it.

Minnesota Public Radio has a report on the uncertain fate of the bill, which has stalled in the Senate Tax Committee in recent days. Earlier in the session, it seemed like the measure, which passed a committee in the House, seemed like a relatively safe compromise between pro-Sunday sales factions, such as craft breweries and groups like Minnesota Beer Activists, and the liquor-store lobby, which opposes opening on Sundays.

That was before the Teamsters got involved, though. The union's position is that one distributor has told them that the bill would let it reopen union contracts — but it hasn't identified the company, and the author of the Senate bill says he hasn't been shown the contract in question.