Wednesday, July 30, 2014

India Mudslide; 17 killed, 150 missing

India Mudslide; 17 killed, 150 missing

Pune Hill comes crashing; 17 killed, 150 under rubble | July 31, 2014

Heavy rains triggered a landslide at a village near Pune on Wednesday, killing at least 17 people and burying about 150 under the debris.

Heavy monsoon rains have lashed hills in the area the past few days, causing rocks and mud to loosen and tumble down on houses at Malin village, 80km from Pune, early Wednesday when people were sleeping. Authorities fear that the death toll could mount as most of the 67 houses in the village were buried under a 25 feet pile of rocks and mud.

“I have lost my house and 11 people from my extended family in this catastrophe,” said Savlaram Limbe, 60, who escaped the landslide with his wife, as they had left early for their farm. “When I left, there were houses out there, when I came back, there was nothing but rocks, debris and slush.”

Rescue workers struggled to pull out bodies from under the debris because of the heavy rains. Authorities sent at least 30 ambulances and heavy machinery to the village, but only three earthmovers could get there by late evening.