Thursday, July 24, 2014

Six planes go down in one week

Six planes go down in one week | Editorial

This has not been a good week for aviation. Six planes in the last 7 days have crashed. Bad weather was to blame in some instances while others were purposely shot down.

(1) On July 17, 2014 Malaysian Flight 17 was shot down by pro-Russian forces in Ukraine. 298 innocent people died for simply flying through a war zone.

(2) On July 23, 2014 a plane flown by a father and son went missing in the South Pacific. Haris Suleman and his father, Babar Suleman, were flying around the globe in 30 days with just the teen piloting the single-engine aircraft.

(3 & 4) On July 23, 2014 two Ukrainian fighter jets were shot down by missiles fired from Russia. The pilots are missing and presumed dead. 

(5) On July 23, 2014, forty-eight people died  and ten were injured in a Taiwan plane crash. Bad weather seems to have been the cause of the crash. 

(6) On July 24, 2014, an Air Algerie plane with 116 aboard crashed in Mali. All died. Bad weather was to blame.

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