Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Chinese Communists Create their own Version of Christianity

This is exactly what the Roman Emperor Constantine did. He created his own version of Christianity when he mixed paganism and Christianity. China is following in the same footsteps by mixing Christianity with communism. Soon America will also create an image or "likeness" to Constantine's Roman church by mixing Christianity with elements of the ancient Roman Church. -Advent Messenger Commentary

Chinese Communists Create their own Version of Christianity

AllGov.com | August 9, 2014

With a growing population of tens of millions of Christians on its hands, China has decided to compete with established religions and create a socialist version of Christianity.

Government officials intend to establish a “Chinese Christian theology” that they hope will compete with Protestant sects and the Catholic Church in China.

There are reportedly 23 million to 40 million Protestants in the country, along with about 12 million Catholics, and about a half million Chinese are being baptized as Protestants each year.

“Over the past decades, the Protestant churches in China have developed very quickly with the implementation of the country’s religious policy,” Wang Zuoan, director of the State Administration for Religious Affairs, told China Daily. “The construction of Chinese Christian theology should adapt to China’s national condition and integrate with Chinese culture.”

Christians are allowed to worship under Communist control, as long as they conform to strict rules that dictate where they can pray and other restrictions. Earlier this year, authorities in the eastern city of Wenzhou demolished a church, claiming it was larger than authorized.

China’s government, which is officially atheist, has also recently harassed Buddhists, Muslims and members of the Fulan Gong sect.

Source: http://www.allgov.com/news/us-and-the-world/chinese-communists-create-their-own-version-of-christianity-140809?news=853928