Monday, October 27, 2014

No Refusal OVI Checkpoint Planned In Clark County

No Refusal OVI Checkpoint Planned In Clark County

ABC News | October 23, 2014

SPRINGFIELD -- The Clark County OVI Task Force will operate a No Refusal OVI checkpoint Friday, Oct. 24, in Clark County. According to the task force, a "No Refusal Checkpoint" means that every car will be checked to ensure that drivers are not impaired. If there is sufficient probable cause to believe that a driver is operating a vehicle while impaired, law enforcement will seek a blood search warrant from a "neutral and detached magistrate."

A search warrant will be submitted to that magistrate, and if issued, a nurse will draw blood to check for alcohol and/or drugs in the suspect's system.

"All aspects of the criminal justice field will be coordinating to ensure scientific evidence is obtained in all OVI cases," a task force statement reads.

The time and location of the checkpoint will be released Friday, Oct, 24.