Tuesday, November 11, 2014

50 Signs of the End Times

50 Signs of the End Times

Editorial | Advent Messenger

“All these are the beginnings of sorrows.” The greatest event and our “blessed hope” is about to take place—Christ is about to return. Praise God! These are the signs to an unrepentant people and to the waiting church to prepare to meet our Creator.

1. Man-made Disasters. Pollution and nuclear radiation is contaminating the world’s oceans.

2. Natural disasters. There are unprecedented droughts throughout the world, unparalleled volcanic activities, tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and fires.

3. Unhealthy and diseased livestock. Bird flu, mad cow disease, H1N1 Swine flu virus, hormone injected livestock living in unhealthy cramped living conditions and that’s what people are eating.

4. Contamination of land. Farmlands are polluted mostly from decades of accumulation of toxins from factories, mining, and pesticides.

5. Antibiotic resistant diseases. New, very contagious and highly fatal bacteria can wipe out massive numbers of humans, animals and plant life.

6. Chemical poisoning of the water ways. Creeks, rivers, streams and lakes are accumulating toxins from agricultural run-offs.

7. Fresh water scarcity. One only has to look to the American Southwest to see just how important fresh water is and what any drought can do.

8. Toxic processed foods being the normal staple people eat. Junk food and genetically modified foods are extremely malnourishing.

9. Rise of Spiritualism. There is an explosion of spiritualism. More people believe in spirits than they do in God.

10. Sick and overweight. Lack of good diet and exercise has created an explosion of obesity and heath problems.

11. Pharmaceutical poisoning. The side effects of some of these expensive drugs can have adverse effects both physically and monetarily.

12. Over vaccinations. Healthy lifestyles and natural alternatives are being trumped by the drug companies for profit.

13. National Corruption of our civic and banking institutions. The ones responsible for the 2008 financial crisis are still operating with impunity.

14. Expansions of human settlements. The large cities are getting bigger and more concentrated. The conditions within them are intense.

15. Little or no protection for life and property. Crime, shootings, death, riots, violence, and terror are increasing every year.

16. A culture of violence. War, mass shootings, genocide, beheadings, police violence, violent crimes, and domestic violence is non-stop.

17. Cancer. In 10 years caner will become the number one killer.

18. Homosexuality. This has become the number one policy for lawmakers.

19. Disobedient children. Children are exposed to drugs, sex, violence at younger and younger ages. Sexting has become the norm for today.

20. Failure for men to find lasting solutions for all the social problems. “There is no peace for the wicked” (Isa. 48:22).

21. People depending on safety nets to bail them out of ALL circumstances. So many rely on of insurance policies and government to save them in the time of trouble.

22. Government with little or no accountability. Some in government are above the law and operate under a different set of rules.

23. Exploding debt. Government and consumer spending is out of control. 24. More percentage of world’s money in less percentage of the people’s hands. Money simply means power and control, and less people have it.

25. Main stream media and government deception. Misinformation at times is communicated so as to keep the people distracted from truth.

26. Lack of privacy and government intrusion into our lives. The National Security Agency is keeping records of everything you do. There is no more privacy.

27. Age of suspicion. We are living in a police state where everyone is suspect or guilty until proven innocent.

28. Cashless society to control buying and selling. Cashless societies means that every single transaction is monitored and recorded.

29. Total dependence on technology and government infrastructures. People are no longer self-efficient but slaves of technology.

30. Self indulgence. Lack of concern for anyone but oneself.

31. False Worship. The Bible predicts a universal apostasy [falling away from truth] in these last days. The churches have replaced truth with fables.

32. Political correctness and conformity. Free speech and truth is suppressed for fear that someone might be offended.

33. Indifference and Numbness of other people’s suffering. There are people suffering in third world countries while the rest of the world is indifferent.

34. Erosion of the family unit. The family is under assault by a modern culture that wants to eliminate this institution.

35. Escapism to unreality. Human beings are so miserable that they turn to drugs, alcohol, fantasies, and revelries instead of turning to God.

36. No human consciousness. People have lost the discernment that defines wrong and right. Morality is becoming extinct.

37. Widespread unhappiness, depression, despair, fear, anger, and hopelessness. This condition is caused by several factors. Only Christ can give us true lasting peace and hope.

38. Increased insanity. If you are watching the news you will see that lunacy has become commonplace everywhere.

39. Deteriorating laws on justice, equality and freedom. All over the world people’s civil and religious rights are under attack.

40. Terrorism and other mass attacks becoming easier and easier. With technological advancement comes the ability to manufacture very deadly weapons of mass destruction.

41. The willingness of countries to quickly engage in wars and conflict. Nowadays, there doesn’t have to be any defined reasons to go to war.

42. Many so called leaders now feel that nuclear bombs may be the ONLY option. Countries are looking for a fight like North Korea and China against Japan and South Korea. Iran is intent on acquiring these weapons. Russia is flaunting its nuclear arsenal to the rest of the world.

43. Intensification of religious hatred. Almost every major conflict during the last 50 years has had its roots in religious hatred.

44. Police state. The police is turning into a military force before our eyes.

45. Sunday laws. Sunday laws are being agitated all over the world.

46. Ecumenism. The churches are uniting under one head, Rome.

47. Papacy. The Papacy has been restored. The deadly wound is almost fully healed. The world looks to Rome as its spiritual leader.

48. Union of church and state. The churches are drunk with secular power. They have opened the door so that an image to the beast can be established.

49. Lack of preparation by the population. Jesus said to be ready (Matt. 24:44). Sadly, people are simply not ready for what is coming.

50. The Three Angels’ Messages. The truth is being proclaimed world-wide.

The handwriting is on the wall. God is speaking to America and to the rest of the nations. What is it going to take before we realize that we are on the borders of eternal life?