Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sunday Advocate promotes Sunday Rest at Christian University

Sunday Advocate promotes Sunday Rest at Christian University | January 30, 2015

On Jan. 28, Lexington, Ky.'s Dr. Matthew Sleeth, founder and executive director of Blessed Earth, challenged the community of Campbellsville University to rest more. "In my day, nothing was open on Sunday. No one would sell us anything," Sleeth said.

Sleeth articulated the issue of society today. "The Sabbath has gone out of style," Sleeth said.

The Sabbath is a day the Holy Bible commands people to rest. Through Exodus 20:8-11, Sleeth showed God commanding His people to take a day off. Somehow this commandment has been lost in translation, argued Sleeth.

Through a portion of Sleeth's presentation, he pulled up an x-ray of human lungs. Sleeth went through the x-ray, showing no foreign objects had infiltrated the bone structure. He further explained the body was missing a collarbone. Sleeth used this picture to illustrate how important the Sabbath is in our lives.

"The Sabbath is just as important in our life and it has gone missing," Sleeth said.

To conclude, Sleeth drew a parallel between this and the other commandments. He depicted it was the only command to be both about God and people. It was the "bridge" commandment.