Thursday, April 2, 2015

Man Facing Attempted Capital Murder for Shooting at armed Intruders in His Home, They Were Cops

Man Facing Attempted Capital Murder for Shooting at Armed Intruders inHis Home, They Were Cops

Free Thought Project

Corpus Christi, TX– Three Corpus Christi SWAT officers were shot during a narcotics raid on Thursday morning.

Senior Officer Steven Reubelmann, who has been at the department for six years, was shot twice in his wrist and hand. Officer Andrew Jordan, who has been with the department for four years, was shot in the upper leg and forearm. Both officers remain hospitalized but are expected to recover.

A bullet also grazed Officer Steven Brown’s leg, however, the wound was superficial and he was treated and released from the hospital fairly quickly.

Three suspects were arrested following the incident. However, at this time, only 46-year-old Ray Rosas has been charged with firing on the officers. He is now facing three counts of attempted capital murder of a peace officer and has been repeatedly referred to as a “bad guy” by the department’s chief. He was seen with visible injuries on his face while in custody following the arrest.

Very little information has been released regarding the incident, why they were there, or if the officers had identified themselves as police before being shot.

These raids are not only dangerous for dogs, sleeping children, toddlers, and elderly grandfathers. They are dangerous for the officers, as well.