Saturday, August 15, 2015

National Apostasy and Ruin before us

National Apostasy and Ruin before us

Advent Messenger | Editorial

It is very interesting to see how the Roman Catholic Church is deeply committed to bringing about a renewal and revival of Sunday observance by ensuring that civil institutions make laws to obligate us to keep Sunday holy.

What we are seeing is a global, religious deception and corruption in the attempt to protect and defend Sunday as a family day and to to establish the ecclesiastical supremacy of the Catholic Church. The question the world needs to wake up and ask themselves is why should Sunday be chosen to be set aside for rest and to invest time with the family when the Word of God attaches such Great meaning and value only to the Sabbath Saturday?

For the Catholic Church to attempt to invest Sunday with such value and meaning is deceptive and misleading when the origin, meaning and authority of Sunday has no divine significance in the word of God.

May God help us to get ready for what will soon to take place when a National Sunday Law is established as the mark of the beast.

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