Sunday, October 18, 2015

Israel under the influence and deception of the Papacy

Israel under the influence and deception of the Papcy

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Jewish home party MK Yinon Magal has tabled a bill that would make Sunday and official day off in Israel. This is exactly what Bible prophecy describes would take place in the book of Revelation chapter 13 versus 15 to 17.

The whole world will soon follow the corrupt, apostate and false guidance of Antichrist and will soon establish Sunday as a sacred day of rest. Sunday laws are being pushed around the whole world. The argument is that these laws would improve our world's society, family, the economy, and peace. We are seeing very sadly how the whole world is coming under the control of the religious and political elites.
May God help us break out of the snare of this false corrupt movement that is sweeping over the world and may God awaken his people to proclaim the holy present truth that is so needed for these end times.

Source: New Bill to Make Sunday Day off in Israel

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