Monday, February 22, 2016

TV Network Sparks Debate After Showcasing Children Pole Dancing

TV Network Sparks Debate After Showcasing Children Pole Dancing

Earlier this week we reported on the backlash against a fitness instructor offering pole dancing classes to children. And while the wrong-not-wrong debate rumbles on, ITV’s This Morning has waded into the controversy by featuring a live demonstration of the ‘sport’ by children as young as eight.

Dressed in black shorts, pink tied-up crop tops and gold glittery bow ties, eight-year-old Tilly-May and Timea and 11-year-old Mia took to the pole to showcase the class that has sparked such a debate.

The segment on Tuesday’s show featured a discussion about whether or not pole ‘fitness’ is a suitable exercise for children, after psychologist Emma Kenny had earlier suggested it sexualised youngsters.

The girls were there, alongside two of their mothers, Lorraine Handbury and Lisa Grosse, and instructor Zoe Hardy, to defend the ‘sport’, which they claim is purely a fun way to keep fit. But as they demonstrated their complicated moves, viewers were taking to Twitter to vent their outrage.

‘Anybody else concerned by what looks to be child pornography on ITV #thismorning?' One viewer wrote, while another confessed to feeling ‘totally uneasy watching it.’

A concerned parent voiced her worries by tweeting: 'These eight year old [sic] are going to grow up and realise what it is and wonder why their parents let them do it.’

And another added: 'They’re trying to disguise it as “pole fitness” to make it sound better. No, you’re encouraging your child to pole dance.'

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