Saturday, May 28, 2016

Americans are fatter than ever, study finds

Americans are fatter than ever, study finds

Americans have never been so obese, according to a new CDC report.Almost a third of US citizens (30.4 per cent) aged over 20 were registered obese in 2015, up from 29.9 per cent in 2014.

And rates were higher among black and Hispanic adults than white adults.

The figure has steadily climbed around 1 per cent a year since 1997, when 19.4 per cent of Americans were obese.

It mirrors the gradual increase in diabetes diagnoses. In 2015, 9.5 per cent of adults had the blood sugar-related disease, up from 9.1 per cent in 2014.

The bleak news overshadowed the positive data - that cigarette-smoking has plummeted and the number of Americans with health insurance has risen.

'That is not a good trend there. [But] it is not necessarily anything unexpected,' Brian Ward, one of the authors of the CDC report, said.

More than 100,000 people were surveyed for the report, which was released on Wedesday.

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