Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Praise Allah Slogans On London Buses

Praise Allah Slogans On London Buses

The slogan reads ‘Subhan Allah’ – which translates as ‘Glory be to Allah’ – and will feature on hundreds of buses across England as part of a campaign by the Islamic Relief charity. The group have targeted the ad campaign to raise money for victims of the Syrian Civil War during the holy month of Ramadan in June, when muslims traditionally fast and give to charity.

But the campaign has caused anger among some Christian groups after an advert featuring the lords prayer was banned from UK cinemas in the run up to Christmas.

The advert, which featured the Archbishop of Canterbury along with a variety of parishioners reciting the Lord’s prayer, was banned from Odean, Cineworld and Vue cinemas.

Former Tory MP Ann Widdecombe said: “If other religions are allowed to put their religious banners up, then so should Christians.”

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