Sunday, July 24, 2016

More than 400 pregnant women in US have Zika

More than 400 pregnant women now have Zika in the US - up from 364 last week.

Another three babies have also been diagnosed with the virus, bringing the total number of infected infants to seven, according to new data from the CDC.

It comes amid fears that American mosquitoes may now be infected with Zika after a woman in Miami contracted the virus without traveling abroad.

A man in Utah has also been diagnosed with Zika after caring for his Zika-infected father, who died last month.

In a desperate bid to curb the spread, the CDC awarded $60 million in grants to states on Thursday.

Miami received $5.6 million of the federal hand-outs as control teams try to catch and test native mosquitoes to test whether they carry the virus.

As of last week, 1,300 people had been diagnosed with Zika in America - none from local mosquito bites.

All came from mosquitoes in Central and South America, except for 14 which were sexually transmitted, and another one - a lab worker who was struck by a contaminated needle.

But now, officials are investigating two cases - one in Miami and one in Utah - that could come from native mosquitoes.

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