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Pope Francis revives the old hard-line, traditional form of Catholicism

Pope Francis revives the old hard-line, traditional form of  Catholicism | Editorial

We are living in a hour of intense prophetic activity. Pope Francis is on a crusading frenzy to revive the hard-line positions of Roman Catholicism under the guise of peace and unity, toleration and inclusion. It is hard to find any other time in history where so many breaking headlines have had a direct relationship to Bible prophecy. What we see coming out of the Vatican today is a revival of the traditional, hard-line, medieval doctrines of Rome’s apparent bygone days. We see a dangerous situation that is threatening the very freedoms that we have enjoyed in this land of liberty. There is a major crisis that is being developed. Dark storm clouds are forming and are about to explode upon the world, and Rome is leading the world into this unsuspecting crisis.

No Salvation Outside Roman Catholicism—Pope Francis has spoken clearly on his world view of Christianity. He stated that one must be part of the Catholic Church in order to be a true Christian during a recent sermon on June 25, 2014 entitled “The first and last name of a Christian” published by L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican’s official newspaper. Pope Francis’ message is also his vision for the future of the world. A world in which all global power and faith resides upon him as the head of the universal church for the new world order. He is on a mission to fulfill Bible prophecy (Rev. 17:12, 13). In his own words, look at what the pope said:

“No one becomes a Christian on his or her own! Is that clear? No one becomes a Christian by himself or herself. Christians are not made in a laboratory. A Christian is part of a people who comes from afar. The Christian belongs to a people called the Church and this Church is what makes him or her Christian, on the day of Baptism, and then in the course of catechesis, and so on.”

Becoming a Christian is the most important decision you will make in this life. But we don't become Christians by joining a church and following man made rules. We become Christians when we give are hearts and lives to Christ and when we follow Him. We must read the Bible and not the catechesis or the Catholic Catechism.

The pope continues: “You cannot love God without loving your brothers, you cannot love God outside of the Church; you cannot be in communion with God without being so in the Church, and we cannot be good Christians if we are not together with those who seek to follow the Lord Jesus, as one single people, one single body, and this is the Church.”

Sadly, this papal mentality has been introduced into the minds of many of our people which also believe that our relationship with God depends upon our relationship to a church structure or organization. This is the bottom line and the end result of Pope Francis message. He wants the Catholic church to have world dominion over everyone else. The sad news is that people are buying into this agenda. The world sees an amazing man who is bringing peace and unity among all the nations and religions. But this unity is not based upon the truths of the Bible, with Jesus as our only mediator. It is based on human tradition that will not bring people to Christ. Our last day prophet in a very simple yet profound way described who and what constitutes God’s church on earth.

“God has a church. It is not the great cathedral, neither is it the national establishment, neither is it the various denominations; it is the people who love God and keep His commandments. “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them” (Matthew 18:20). Where Christ is even among the humble few, this is Christ’s church, for the presence of the High and Holy One who inhabiteth eternity can alone constitute a church.” Upward Look, p. 315.

Virgin Mary and Spiritualism—In a June 20, 2014 National Catholic Reporter article entitled “Christians without Mary in their life are orphans, pope says,” Pope Francis told a group of young people to never let go of their mother Mary. He said that we have two mothers and without them we are Orphans. Francis said: “A Christian without Our Lady is an orphan. Also a Christian without the church is an orphan. A Christian needs these two women, two mothers, two virgins: the church and Our Lady.”

Please notice that when Pope refers to the “church” he is referring to the Catholic church, which he calls a “virgin.” But in reality, God calls that Roman institution, not a virgin, but the “mother of harlots and abominations of the earth” (Rev. 17:5), “the man of sin (2 Thesa. 2:3), the “antichrist” (1 John 4:3), the “little horn” (Daniel 7:7), the “beast” (Rev. 13:1), “Babylon the Great” (Rev. 17:5) etcetera.

In this same article Pope Francis said that the best thing to do was to pray to Mary and to keep her close. This would allow them to be able to rely on her when making important decisions in life, like choosing one’s vocation. Pope Francis explained that there is a test to apply to see if we are heading down the right path and that is to ask yourself: “How is my relationship with these two mothers I have? With the mother church and the mother Mary? This will do you good; do not ever leave her and don't go it alone.”

Yet God tells us to “come out of her my people” (Rev. 18:4) The concept that the dead are not really dead but are really helping and guiding us opens the door to modern spiritualism so that demons can have access to our lives. Instead of seeking the Bible truths for guidance and salvation Pope Francis tells people to pray to the dead and to seek for the dead for guidance. Again, let’s not forget what God says: “When they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead? To the law and to the testimony. If they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light in them.” Isa. 8:19, 20.

Pope Pushes for Sunday Rest—Pope Francis is an ardent proponent of Sunday sacredness. He is pushing for Sunday rest for both the religious community and for the secular public.

The Associated Press reported on July 5, 2014 in an article entitled “Pope: No-work Sundays good, not just for faithful” that Pope Francis was lamenting the abandonment of not resting on Sundays saying that this has “a negative impact on families and friendship.” In other words Sunday Laws would be good for society and for our families. He went on to say that Sunday opening of businesses was not beneficial for society and continued to suggest that we are not truly a “free” society as long as Sunday rest was being violated. The pontiff asked: "Maybe it's time to ask ourselves if working on Sundays is true freedom."

Pope Francis emphasized that Sundays should be spent with family and friends for this was an “ethical choice” for the faithful and the non-faithful alike. The “ethical choice?” What moral system of truth is his ethics based upon? The Bible? God’s law? No! The pope’s “ethics” are based upon man-made doctrines which will one day revive the flames of persecution. Let us not forget that God says that “Rome never changes” (Last Day Events p. 130).

“Let the restraints now imposed by secular governments be removed and Rome be reinstated in her former power, and there would speedily be a revival of her tyranny and persecution .” Great Controversy, p. 564.

Brethren, we had better wake up. There is no time to lose. Would to God that we too could return to our historical roots and restore the Seventh-day Adventist movement back to its former glory and beauty so that our work could be cut short in righteousness and so that our Lord may come and take us home. If there ever was a need for God’s people to openly bring the Three Angels’ Messages to a perishing world, that time is now. Pray that God will multiply the means so that souls can be awakened for heaven.

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