Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pope Francis invites pro-gay family to address cardinals

Pope Francis invites pro-gay family to address cardinals

UPI | October 9, 2014

The far-right wing of the Catholic church is in a fury after a married couple lecturing the Synod about sexuality condemned institutionalized homophobia within the Catholic church to the group of Cardinals.

Pope Francis invited Australian married couple Ron and Mavis Pirola to discuss the relationship between human sexuality and Catholicism, and explain the importance of sex within their 55-year marriage.

Although met "very warmly" and "with applause" by the Synod, the Pirolas' statements have drawn the ire of the far-right Catholics, who are increasingly at odds with Pope Francis for not sharing their vitriol for same-sex couples.

"The unqualified welcome of homosexual couples into family and parish environments in fact damages everybody, by serving to normalize the disorder of homosexuality," Maria Madise of anti-gay Catholic group Voice of the Familyvented on the groups' WordPress blog.

John Smeaton of the London-based anti-gay group the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children echoed Madise's feelings of alienation, saying, "The homosexual agenda is forcing its way into schools, universities, workplaces and sports clubs. The last thing families and parishes need is for Church leaders to tell them to welcome homosexual couples."


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