Thursday, March 26, 2015

France Plane Crash Site Is a "Picture Of Horror"

France Plane Crash Site Is a "Picture Of Horror"

Sky News | March 25, 2015

A German passenger plane carrying 150 people has "disintegrated" after crashing in the French Alps, with all those on board thought to have been killed.

The Airbus A320 came down in a remote mountain range and the debris of the Germanwings jet appeared to have been spread over a wide area.

Pictures showed many fragments as well as a wheel thought to be from the aircraft.

One of the so-called "black box" flight recorders has been found at the crash site. A rescue helicopter managed to land but could not find any survivors.

German foreign minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier was flown over the the site and called it "a picture of horror".

A total of 144 passengers, including two babies, as well as two pilots and four cabin crew were on board the 24-year-old plane, operated by Lufthansa's budget airline.