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America Will Soon Lose its Constitution

America Will Soon Lose its Constitution

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Both our Declaration of Independence and our US Constitution, which also contains the Bill of Right are supposed to protect our individual liberties which include freedom of religion, the right to life, happiness and liberty. These principles are designed to protect us from tyranny, both from religious institutions and civil government.

When these safeguards are undone there will be no place in this world to escape to. There will no longer be any guarantees of freedom of any kind. The coming crisis will engulf the whole world and turn our planet into a vast prison.

The New World Order's [NWO] plan for America is the repudiating of every principle of our Constitution. Our Constitution is detested by those who are conspiring to implement tyranny. As long as our Constitution is in force religious or civil tyranny is impossible, because it has been a safeguard against tyranny and despotism. Do you see why our Constitution is constantly under assault by the NWO puppet politicians here in America? The NWO puppet politicians are easy to identify. They are the ones that are continually trying to get laws passed that will weaken or erode our US Constitution, regardless of which ones they are. All of our freedoms stand and fall together, both religious and civil.

A number of recent actions and decisions by the courts and by our legislators can be characterized as an unprecedented departure from the protections afforded to us by our US Constitution. These new decisions are weakening our long-standing history of privacy and liberty.

WarrantlessSearches, Wiretaps, Spying and Information Gathering

The 3rd and 4th Amendments of the Constitution of the United States affirms the privacy and property rights of American citizens. The right of privacy and private property is the most human right of all. A man’s home is his castle. A man’s family is his most precious possession. 
The very language of our constitution is unmistakably clear. It protects us against unreasonable and unlawful searches by civil authorities or law enforcement agencies without a warrant. And in order to obtain a warrant, a law officer, under oath, must give a judge sufficient reason as to why the search is necessary. Only after “probable cause” can a judge give a written statement which gives the legal right for any search to take place.

Our federal government has completely repudiated this most basic right whichis supposed to be guaranteed to every US citizen. Americans’ emails, text messages, phone conversations, call logs, internet browsing, credit card purchases, online transactions, social media interactions are being recorded and stored without any warrants by the NSA, CIA and FBI.

These intelligence agencies, who are sworn to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, are blatantly violating the very fundamental prohibitions outlined in its amendments. 

Jewel versus NSA

A lawsuit was filed in 2008 in behalf of AT&T customers alleging that the NSA warrantless internet communication gathering, combined with “an absence of individualized suspicion” or probable cause was a violation of the Fourth Amendment. In addition to suing the agency,the lawsuit also targeted the “individuals” responsible for implementing the program and other “individuals” who ordered or participated in the warrantless domestic surveillance.
In 2009, Obama administration had asked the court to dismiss Jewel versus NSA claiming that litigation over the wiretapping program would require the government to disclose privileged “state secrets” and also that government was immune from lawsuits
On February 10, 2015 U.S. District Judge Jeffrey White ruled that the plaintiffs had (1) failed to prove it had a legal standing in this case and (2) the plaintiffs did not provide “enough” specific evidence for the case when filing suit and (3) “the possible disclosure of state secrets further precludes plaintiffs from moving forward on the claim, even if they had legal standing.” See this link:
In other words, you can't sue the government over their top secret spying program that violates your constitutional rights because you haven't provided enough evidence about their top secret program. You can't gather evidence on their top secret program because that might reveal government secrets. And you have no right to know if the government is violating your constitutional rights and even if they are there is no defense against it. This is exactly why the Founding Fathers wrote the Bill of Rights and had them codified and enshrined in the US Constitution to prevent an omnipotent, omnipresence and omniscient government that is above the law. 
We are watching our country fade away. A police state has taken over. Many people don’t realize that this is part of the fulfillment of Revelation. In order to enforce the mark of the beast there has to be police apparatus in place to control everything. The Sunday law issue will go hand in hand to the setting up of a police state. This is what we see in inspiration.
“If they do nothing to disabuse the minds of the people, and through ignorance of the truth our legislature should abjure the principles of Protestantism, and give countenance and support to the Roman fallacy, the spurious Sabbath, God will hold His people who have had great light, responsible for their lack of diligence and faithfulness” Review and Herald, December, 24, 1889.
How many of our people realize what is happening today? When are we as a people going to wake up? Or are we just too busy or are we too much at ease with the cares of this life? While the principles of liberty and freedom of conscience are being dangerously desecrated we are to work earnestly. We are in a time of emergency and God’s people must be found working.

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