Saturday, August 22, 2015

Corrupt Pastors That Are Really CEOs and not God’s servants

Corrupt Pastors That Are Really CEOs and not God’s servants

Advent Messenger | Editorial

Franklin Graham’s annual compensation for his ministerial and charitable work is $880,000. Franklin Graham is basically saying, "if Satan pays well, God should pay better.” We are living in a time were Christians are being misled and bombarded with unbiblical views of wealth. Ministers and Christians are watching too much Television programs focusing on the lifestyle of the rich and famous and the veneration of the hollywood stars.

Pastors and ministries are getting caught up in society's materialistic values and many have adopted society's ungodly values and lifestyle.

True faithfulness and godliness is seen in the life examples of the apostles, who when call to ministry they gave up everything for their Lord. And as far as we know from the Gospels, none of them were blessed with houses or land or lots of money.

But they became rich in other things: they did not receive big splendid salaries or homes made of precious stones, but they worked hard to build spiritual temples made of living stones, the people of God. Through their faithful preaching of the truth they were able to established churches across the world.

In their cases the blessing of prosperity was fulfilled in the advancement of the Gospel truth to prepare a people for the second coming of our Lord and Savior.

Ministers and ministries need to understand that Money is not the standard of faith or godliness. We do not measure the spiritual worth of the church by the net financial worth of the Ministry.

The Bible condemns the love of money ( 1 Tim 6:10 ) and these pastors and ministers of today's big mega churches need to understand that greed for money is just as much idolatry as worshiping an idol.

May God's true people living in these end times stand up and shine bright to the world and demonstrate what a true end time ministry and Gospel work really looks like for these end times.