Monday, September 7, 2015

Identity Crisis in Adventism

Identity Crisis in Adventism

Advent Messenger | Editorial

The Seventh-day Adventist General Conference is facing a major identity crisis because of its compromising position and its union in working with Sunday keeping Protestants in a false apostate ecumenical movement.

With the papacy as the head leader of the movement we were seeing Seventh-day Adventists abandoning our unique message for this time. We are basically hiding our distinctive historic Adventist beliefs.

To give you an example of this major apostasy of the part of church leaders taken from the Adventist Review magazine news link:

This news article shows how the SDA Church leadership in Philadelphia is getting prepared to team up with the Pope Francis' agenda and is planning on proclaiming and advocating a message on the importance of the family.

This may seem nonthreatening and something good to emphasize on the importance of the family, but the problem that the world is not seeing the hidden agenda of the Vatican - the Antichrist power described in 2 Thessalonians 2:4. The hidden agenda of the papacy is to use the importance of family time to promote and push upon the world the corrupt traditional institution of Sunday observance and rest for the entire world. Please see the following new link:

What we see with the SDA leadership in Philadelphia is that they are not preparing to give the final warning message of Revelation 14, but instead they are preparing to team up with the Pope to promote a message on the "family." Remember, the Pope's message on the family is just a cover-up to push the hidden agenda for Sunday observance. We as Adventist should know this. No doubt this is a betrayal and a severe attack on the true historic identity of Seventh-day Adventism.

We as Seven day Adventists believe and understand through the Holy Scriptures that we have been raised up in the final hours of earths history in order to proclaim the final message of warning to all of mankind.

We are not called to join the Antichrist's Agenda and softpeddle a smooth message on the family. May the Lord help us to open our eyes and return to the true work of the Historic Adventist Movement.

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