Thursday, June 30, 2016

Christian school removes cross to avoid offending Muslims

Christian school removes cross to avoid offending Muslims

Parents at the newly established Oak CE Primary School in Huddersfield are fuming after they allege school officials removed a Christian cross on the school logo to not offend Muslims.

The offensive card is always played and this one time that I was proud of something, only to have it snatched back,” parent Chelsea Fox told The Sun. “I’m not only disappointed, I’m disgusted.”

The school logo, which consisted of a tree with a cross trunk and three acorns on a hill, was changed in the school’s recent newsletter to feature three branches on the tree. The initial logo was created in a competition at three schools that merged into the town’s largest primary school, according to the news site.

The school is sponsored by the Church of England, and many parents upset about the change believe the logo should reflect its religious roots.

“Yes it has remained a Church of England school as it is the church that keeps it open. That needs to be given more respect,” Fox said. “Thank the church for your children’s school instead of complaining about a logo.”

School officials contend the logo was never finalized, and the tree bearing the cross was temporary. But parents pointed out that the school invested in embroidered uniforms and a large banner with the original design, and contend the real motivation behind the change was to appease the large local Muslim population, the Examiner reports.

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