Monday, August 1, 2016

Adventists, Catholics, Muslims dedicated to interfaith unity

Adventists, Catholics, Muslims dedicated to interfaith unity

On Thursday evening, July 14, Nice, France, became the location of yet another mass murder. This following recent mass tragedies in Dallas, Turkey, Baghdad and Orlando. Words cannot sufficiently describe the profound grief of the human family. We mourn the loss of innocent souls and pray for the recovery of those who are injured.

The motivations of the attacker are, as of yet, unknown. History proves that evil and madness are never self-contained. Quite often such heinous acts lead to divisiveness within the human family. This is the most tragic outcome possible.

The antidote for hatred is mutual understanding. Each of our respective traditions teaches that the world began with the creation of one family that grew into many families and nations. We come together as Christians, Baha'i, Muslims, Jews and Unitarian-Universalists. We come together as cousins within the human family to eradicate the hatred that turns us against each other.

The spiritual leaders of Seacoast faith communities are dedicated to interfaith understanding. We strive to celebrate common values and respect the uniqueness of our respective traditions. We believe that fostering such understanding will help eliminate the hatred and bigotry that fosters violence within the family. We firmly believe that hatred and bigotry are the result of ignorance. We strive to see the sacred spark in each other.

May our religious observances help us understand that we show the ultimate respect for God when we respect each other.

1. Ministerium - Seacoast Interfaith Clergy Association

2. The Rev. Robert Fellows - Community Congregational Church ) - Greenland

3. The Rev. Fr. Gary Belliveau Corpus Christi Parish (Roman Catholic) - Portsmouth

4. The Rev. Arthur L. Hilson - New Hope Baptist Church - Portsmouth

5. Imam Mohamed Ibrahim - Islamic Society of the Seacoast Area - Dover

6. The Rev. Chris Jablonski - South Church (Universalist Unintarian) - Portsmouth

7. The Rev. Phil Johnson - Seventh-Day Adventist Church - Portsmouth

8. Chaplain Elissa Kaplan Senter - Portsmouth Regional Hospital

9. Dr. Paris Khavari - Baha'i Community

10. The Rev. Carolyn H Keilig - North Church (United Church of Christ) - Portsmouth

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