Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Cops Kill Unarmed, Mentally Disabled Black Man Having Seizure

Cops Kill Unarmed, Mentally Disabled Black Man Having Seizure

A black man who was believed to be suffering from a seizure has been shot dead by police in the US – sparking a fresh wave of protests.

Protestors gathered at the scene of the shooting and remained largely peaceful.

The victim, named locally as Alfred Olango, was reportedly unarmed when he was shot in San Diego, according to eyewitnesses.

El Cajon police confirmed they were responding to an “erratic subject” and that an investigation into the shooting has begun.

Yet in a statement, police say the 30-year-old victim “refused multiple instructions” and “concealed his hands in his pants pocket”.

Mr Olango then “drew an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together on it and extended it towards the officers”.

One officer then tasered the victim while another fired shots which struck Olango.

Rob Randweiler, a spokesman for El Cajon police, said: "Officers responded to a radio call of a subject acting erratically.

"When they arrived on scene officers contacted that subject and he failed to respond to their directives.

"As a result a confrontation took place that concluded in an officer involved shooting."

One women, claiming to be the victims sister, said she called the police three times for assistance with her brother, who reportedly suffers from mental health conditions.

When the police arrived at the scene, she pleaded with officers not to shot her brother.

She said: "When the police officer came I told them and they finally got him and I tried to tell my brother please put your hands up don't put your hand in your pocket.

"Listen. I tell the police please don't shoot him he's sick. I didn't not call the police to come and kill my brother."

One witness, who was not named, said police shot the victim five times.

Police have now confirmed the man has died in hospital.

A spokesman added: "Until we identify family that might be in the city, it is not our place to talk.”

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