Saturday, November 26, 2016

America Marked Thanksgiving with At Least Two Mass Shootings

America Marked Thanksgiving with At Least Two Mass Shootings

Over the past seven days, America witnessed five mass shootings that left four dead and 19 wounded. The attacks bring the US mass shooting body count so far in 2016 to 366 dead and 1,383 injured.

At about 10:15 PM last Friday, a drive-by on a second vehicle in Chicago, Illinois, left four injured. The rest of that weekend, remarkably, passed without a mass shooting. But at about 11:30 PM Tuesday, a shooting near a storefront in Clewiston, Florida, left one dead and four more injured. At some point the following day, a man confronted an ex-girlfriend and her family at a home in Hernando, Mississippi, and opened fire, injuring four before turning himself in. Then, at about 2 AM on Thursday, a shooting following an altercation at a party in the Rocks nightclub in Albany, New York, left one dead and three more injured.

The only incident to garner widespread and sustained media attention came just shy of 12 hours later, when a shooting near a crowd of hundreds gathered for the Juice Bowl Football Tournament in Louisville, Kentucky, left two dead and four injured. As of publication, the motive for the shooting remained unclear—and many other shootings this year into or near dense crowds with similar numbers of victims have gone relatively unnoticed. But the incident drew special attention because it took place during a local Thanksgiving tradition.

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