Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Blasphemous Film Depicts God & Holy Spirit as Women

Blasphemous Film Depicts God & Holy Spirit as Women

"The Shack," a film based on a novel of the same title that depicts God as a woman, will be released in March 2017.

The William P. Young novel has been the subject of debate among Christians for years. Some groups claim the depiction of the godhead is merely symbolic, while others say the book is blasphemous and waters down the gospel message.

The Lionsgate Entertainment film stars Sam Worthington as the main character, Mackenzie Phillips, a father who struggled with devastating pain at the loss of his daughter. The story says Phillips was on a vacation with his family when his daughter Missy was abducted. After a thorough search, authorities found her lifeless body in an abandoned shack.

After some time, Phillips received a note from “Papa” inviting to meet with him at the same shack where his daughter was found. Phillips went to the place thinking the message was from his daughter’s murderer, but instead he encountered the Godhead.

And this is where the debates begin. The Godhead, as depicted by Young, goes outside the box of conventional Christian belief. God the Father, or “Papa,” was shown as an African American woman named Elousia, while the Holy Spirit was portrayed as an Asian woman named Sarayu. Jesus was shown as a male carpenter of Middle Eastern descent.

Christian readers have criticized the depiction of the Godhead as unbiblical, but many others have come to the author’s defense.

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