Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Apostasy of World Vision Embracing Gay Marriage

One of the oldest and must trusted Christian charitable organization is now attempting to redefine the marriage relationship. Christians are now starting to accept the culture of this world. This is the end-time scenario found in Luke 17: 28-30 that will exist just before the imminent return of Jesus. -Advent Messenger Commentary

The Apostasy of World Vision Embracing Gay Marriage
Christian Post
March 25, 2014
by Michael Browm

Shortly after I broke the news on my radio broadcast and on social media, Christianity Today confirmed the report: World Vision has decided to embrace homosexual "marriage" among its employees and to recognize practicing homosexual employees who profess faith in Jesus as true Christians.

This is a betrayal of the gospel, a betrayal of the Lord, a betrayal of the family, and a betrayal of the countless thousands of Christians who have put their trust in World Vision as a legitimate Christian organization.

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