Thursday, October 16, 2014

Catholic Church Signals More Acceptance of Gays

Catholic Church Signals More Acceptance of Gays

Voice of America | October 15, 2014

A special meeting of Roman Catholic bishops and lay advisers at the Vatican is moving the Catholic Church toward a more tolerant relationship with homosexuals, divorcees and others it has shunned and marginalized in the past.

A mass opened the conference that Pope Francis called in an apparent effort to change the way the Catholic Church deals with people it considers to be in “irregular” situations, while not changing its doctrine. The synod will not alter the Church’s official positions against homosexuality and same-sex marriage, its ban on divorce and polygamy, or its opposition to people living together without getting married.

But in a preliminary document, participants have indicated they want a change in the way priests and churches interact with such people.

Specifically, it says homosexuals have “gifts and qualities” that can benefit the Church, and that homosexual relationships can provide “mutual aid” and “support.”

It also says there are “positive aspects” to the relationship of heterosexual couples who live together out of wedlock - what the Church used to call ‘living in sin.’

“I think it’s a very great impact. It’s going to affect many, many people’s lives," said Father Evans.


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