Saturday, April 18, 2015

America Would Make Sodom and Gomorrah Blush

America Would Make Sodom and Gomorrah Blush

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Todd Starnes of Fox News was discussing the beach-side debauchery by college students every year during Spring Break. In his report he describes students running around without clothes, girls passed-out drunk on the beach, public sex, and drugs.

Todd Starnes then shows video footage from the public beaches where the students are engaged in shocking behavior. One of the reporters asks a young college girl if her parents were OK with here being there to which the girl responded "_____ my parents!" [expletive deleted]. Her response was followed by an uproar of cheers from the other students. Starnes then concludes his report with the following words:

"This is what a country without a moral compass looks like. Roman Empire 2.0. Kids running around without any upbringing, and those who do know better are afraid to say anything for fear of offending anybody. The United States is giving Sodom and Gomorrah a run for its money. Every parent and every grandparent needs to watch this expose."

To see this Fox News video, edited for public viewing, go to:

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