Friday, July 1, 2016

Immortality will soon be available expert says

Immortality will soon be available expert says

A world where you can download your personality on to a computer to create your own avatar may sound like something from a science fiction novel. But according to Dr Michio Kaku, this 'immortal world' could soon be a reality.

He claims that soon we will be able to go to speak to loved even after they die, by keeping them alive through virtual reality.

The avatar will contain memories and personality, which will interact with loved ones just as you would have when they were alive.

Additionally, a hologram of them could be beamed from the computer to give a visual perception of the person.

In a documentary, on Curiosity Stream, Dr Kaku said: 'Imagine being able to speak to your loved one after they died, but it is possible if their personality has been downloaded onto computer as an avatar.

'You would be able to communicate with them as if they were still here. They would, in effect, become immortal.'

Dr Kaku is best known for his expertise in theoretical physics – his previous books have dealt with topics such as parallel universes and the cosmos.

But his latest book, The Future of the Mind, takes a look at how rapid advancements could bring about huge changes in how we understand – and use – our brains in the next 50 to 100 years.

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